Hands Like Houses

Third String Productions presents

Hands Like Houses

Emarosa, Devour The Day, The Faim

Mon, December 3, 2018

6:00 pm

Hands Like Houses
Hands Like Houses
Hands Like Houses are a fresh and explosive 6 piece from Canberra, Australia. With a rapidly expanding international fanbase, the band has captivated audiences with their electric blend of technical, effects- heavy songwriting with post-hardcore passion and stage presence. Driven by rich lyricism and melodic, emotive vocals in the vein of Emarosa and The Getaway Plan, the band presents a complex and finely crafted mix of guitar and electronics, drawing from a broad range of influence including Thrice, The Receiving End of Sirens and Closure in Moscow.

The closing of 2011 saw the band sign to the respected record label Rise
Records, with their highly anticipated debut album ʻGround Dwellerʼ
subsequently announced to be released worldwide on March 13th.
HLH traveled to the USA in 2010 and 2011 to record ʻGround Dwellerʼ with Cameron Mizell of Chango Studios (Woe, Is Me, Sleeping With Sirens,
Memphis May Fire). The subsequent single releases, 'This Ain't No Place For Animals', and ‘Lion Skin (feat. Tyler Carter and Jonny Craig)' earned the band over 5,000 independent single sales via iTunes during 2011, and their most recent single ʻAntarcticaʼ, released on YouTube through Rise Records, amassed almost 200,000 views in its first month. This, along with the band's self-produced acoustic versions of 'Lion Skin,' ‘The Sower’, and other tracks off ʻGround Dwellerʼ, their YouTube channels have seen over a million views, growing daily. Boasting a dedicated and fast-growing international fanbase, built through years of personally managing their social networks and independent promotion and touring, Hands Like Houses released their hotly anticipated debut album ʻGround Dwellerʼ on March 13th worldwide through Rise Records. Buoyed by exceptional online hype and pre-order numbers for a debut release, the record broke into the US Billboard Heatseekers and Top 200 charts at #2 and #140 respectively in itsʼ first week, and is well on track to move over 10,000 copies in the US alone within 4 months of the release.

To date, the band has supported a number of notable acts from Australia and around the world, including The Getup Kids (USA), As Tall As Lions (USA), The Getaway Plan (AUS), Dream On Dreamer (AUS), Hopes Die Last (ITA) and Tonight Alive (AUS). Their 2011 touring schedule saw the band play 50+ shows across Australia and Europe, impressing audiences with a sound and stage presence beyond their standing. 2012 has already seen Hands Like Houses add to their list of local, national and international supports, beginning with Pushover Festival in Melbourne Australia in support of Parkway Drive, Tonight Alive, 360 and others, and continuing onto the USA on the Rise Records Freshman Tour with The Air I Breathe, My Ticket Home, and Palisades. In addition, the band performed on the entire 2012 Scream It Like You Mean It festival tour, performing in support of Attack, Attack, We Came As Romans and The Acacia Strain, and will be supporting Pierce The Veilʼs Fall headlining national tour with Sleeping With Sirens.
You should always remember your past while continuing to look forward. This is the philosophy that Emarosa embraces on their third album. For the Lexington, KY rock band what has come before is important because it has shaped them as musicians, but their new album, Versus, is what will allow them to step into the future. The album was written over the past year and recorded with Brian McTernan in Baltimore between November and January, a process that was both difficult and cathartic.

Bradley Walden was enlisted as the group's new singer last July. The chemistry between the musicians was immediate, and Bradley, a fan before joining the band, tapped into Emarosa's sensibility quickly, ready to add his own ideas to the mix. The band, whose last album, Emarosa, came out in 2010, had a few new ideas when Bradley joined, but much of Versus was penned in the studio with Brian. The process allowed the musicians the opportunity to remember how to be band again, to become re-invested in the music they can make together.

"They had worked for so long without a singer, trying everything they could, and they forgot how to be a band in some ways," Bradley says. "It took us being stuck in the studio together for seven weeks with Brian to be a band again. The recording process was really hard. That doesn't mean that the songs aren't good, but it was stressful. After we left the studio and could step back and listen, we were so proud of it. We created something that represented the struggle the band has gone to the past three years and I'm excited to be part of that."

For Bradley, who shared lyric writing duties with ER, the songs are representations of the feelings he had at the time, revealing the musicians' mindsets in the moment. There is no overall theme or message, rather an expression of emotion released in the music. "I don't always know what the songs are about when I write them," he notes. "I just let it come out. So it's cohesive but it's open to interpretation. We want people to find their own meaning in the songs and relate them to their own lives."

The album's title, too, reflects Emarosa's experience over the past few years. The musicians have fought many battles, both eternally and against themselves. It represents an uphill battle that, in the end, the band has won. That victory is present in the music itself, whether on older-feeling tracks like "American Deja Vu" and "People Like Me, We Just Don't Play" or on tracks that resonate with a new aesthetic like "I'll Just Wait," a evocative, layered rock number that surges with anthemic release.

The group, which initially formed in 2006, is already back on tour with the new songs as well. Emarosa served as direct support for Chiodos this past spring, an experience that really solidified the new lineup. The enthusiastic support of the fans was encouraging for the musicians, who were reminded of just what makes Emarosa's connection with their audience so special and unique. Versus is about a struggle, but it's also about the victory of a new beginning, one that wipes the slate clean and allows them to start again. It's a comeback that indicates even greater things down the road.

"The band had to overcome a lot of doubt and pressure," Bradley says. "It's been Emarosa versus themselves, their past and their critics. These are the first songs we've ever written together and the songwriting is the best and most mature it's ever been. It's hard for me to say if it's the best record, but I do feel like it's the best possible record we could have made and it's the best step toward the future of the band. This record is the pressure, frustration and perseverance of the past three years. This is the future of Emarosa."
Devour The Day
Devour The Day
Devour the Day is a hard rock band based out of Memphis, Tennessee, founded by Joey Chicago and Blake Allison after their former band, Egypt Central, had gone inactive.
Coming together in 2012, the pair quickly set to work on their debut, crafting a heavy sound for themselves that feels reminiscent of their former band.
Venue Information:
White Oak Music Hall - Houston
2915 N Main St
Houston, TX, 77009