War Of Ages

Third String Productions Presents:

War Of Ages


Sat, February 24, 2018

6:00 pm

$13.00 - $15.00

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War Of Ages
War Of Ages
War of Ages' fourth studio album Eternal continues the warrior theme for which the band has become very well known. The writing process for the new record was "perfectly timed and provided release on a personal level," says vocalist Leroy Hamp. With lyrics as heart wrenching as ever, Eternal solidifies the band's consistent message of victory over pain.

Hamp and his brother, drummer Alex, certainly know about rising from pain. In their life experience, they have dealt with kidnapping, abuse both physical and mental, and the violence that surrounded their family and their backward beliefs. Through their faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer and savior, the brothers soldiered on and have forged a life of their own choosing.

War of Ages' convictions are as deeply rooted in strength through spirit as their music is based in intensely heavy but melodic and catchy metal and hardcore. War of Ages' spirit of ministry is solidly in place on Eternal, with songs ranging from pure fun 80s inspired metal, to the more therapeutic "Your Betrayal" about Hamp's father.

War of Ages can easily be pegged as a highly motivated and driven band. Nothing provides more irrefutable proof of their dogged determination than their impressive and extensive touring history which includes playing alongside Terror, As I Lay Dying, Living Sacrifice, Demon Hunter, Underoath, Hatebreed, Sick of It All, Throwdown, Earth Crisis, and many others. The band has also had music videos from previous albums featured on Mtv's Headbangers Ball, a feat which has spurred them on to continue making intriguing, visually exciting videos.

The band chose to stick with Lambesis Studios and Daniel Castleman for the recording of Eternal, but opted to produce the album themselves this time around. Hamp is confident that the song structure and musical flow of Eternal far exceeds that of War of Ages' previous releases. "Our songs are both dark and light, we dance on both sides and write to release what we have built up inside. This is therapy for us."
Earth Groans
Everything about music -- the science, the theory, ​the people, the lifestyle, ​the emotion -- has always held such an important place in Jeremy's life. Growing up, and into college and adult life, he has been on a journey to fulfill his passion of writing, recording, playing, and performing music. ​He has earned his living as a self-employed audio recording engineer​ since 2009.​ ​After much time, effort, and experience​,​ as well as a few semi-successful attempts​​, and yet no longterm success due to elements outside of his control, he has taken the reigns of creating his own music and has broken into the music world on his own terms.

​Jeremy has write​n​ and record​ed​ ​his first​ album​​, giving birth to a new project presently known as "Earth Groans​.​"​ ​ Not ​being ​limit​ed​ to one specific ​genre or​ sound​,​ but by pulling inspirations from hardcore, metal, and deathcore inspirations, Earth Groans creates an experience of organized dissonance. Jeremy's goal of writing the record was not ​to ​recreat​e​ the wheel, but ​to ​recreat​e​ how the wheel rolls. ​ ​Though completely written and recorded from the perspective of one mind, you can experience the ​live ​sound​ and performance​ of ​four​ talented musicians​, including Jeremy.

Earth Groans uses ​his music to connect with​ his listeners in hopes to uplift hearts, ​and ​relate​ with​ and inspire the listeners. "My goal as an artist will never be to become famous or make money​.​ ​ M​y sole purpose is to truly connect with the hearts of my listeners and create a relationship with them. Even ​i​f ​I​ only connect with​ ​​​one single person through my music or lyrics​,​ I feel like it was worth all of the work."

Though ​b​ased out of ​Southeastern ​South Dakota, you can expect to see Earth Groans ​on tour ​all over the U​.​S​​​. ​Earth Groans' first album, "Renovate," will be released in the summer of 2015.
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The Dirty 30
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