Third String Productions was created by Mike Ziemer in early 2004 while he was still a Senior at Plano Sr High School in Plano, TX. Recognizing the need for all-ages shows to be placed in the suburbs, Ziemer began booking small shows that mixed local and national touring bands as well as mini-festivals at The Plano Centre. Over the years, Third String Productions has expanded it’s reach to other DFW cities including Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Denton as well as other markets such as Austin, Tyler, and Wichita Falls.

As Third String Productions grew, it became best known for it’s festivals at The Plano Centre that would include up to 4 stages and over 40 bands all in one day. These festivals would happen every few months and quickly build a “cult-like” following for the DFW promoters. When new management came to The Plano Centre and favored more “corporate” and “adult” events, Third String Productions decided to move to larger venues outside of Plano and focus on only two main festivals: South By So What?! and Unsilent Night. Throughout the years, these festivals were held at venues such as Dr Pepper Arena, The Palladium Ballroom, QuikTrip Park, and Fair Park.

Ziemer credits the success of his concerts and festivals to the company’s ability to always be in touch with their fan base and followers. The Third String Productions team is constantly responding to every question they’re asked, always out and about at shows hanging out with the people that attend their events, passing out flyers and doing all of the street-team and leg work themselves. “We will never be just a brand name or a corporation you can’t reach. You will always know who is putting on the events, you will always see us there, you will always be able to talk to us, hang out with us, and your input will always matter to us,” Ziemer states.

With the recent success of South By So What?! and plans to create a Fall Edition of the festival as well as recent expansion to new markets including Austin, and merger with other local promotion company Greenlight Pr, Third String Productions is definitely a company to keep your eyes on.